DT-05/ 24 Volt AC Weekly Digital Timer w/SPDT SWITCHING

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(NOT MADE IN CHINA) Physically the same (2 1/2" square x 1 1/4" thick) as the 12 volt dc timer, this timer is a 7 Day battery back-up 24 Volt AC timer, and has a single-pole-double-throw (SPDT) relay switching function, meaning that something could be "on" with one set of contacts while timer is off, etc... It can be hooked up to any 24 VOLT AC source and has an internal 16A rated single-pole-double-throw relay to provide your SuperFeeder (OR OTHER PURPOSE) with up to 8 daily feeding cycles (up to 8 on/off daily/weekly programs). You can program these events Mon thry Fri, Sat and Sun, all days of the week or particular days of the week. ie., "on" and "off" Monday morning, "on" that afternoon, and "off" several days later, etc...Timer's minimum "on" time is 1 minute. A secondary relay could be used to switch higher current loads (SEE "RELAYS" PAGE). This timer must be kept well sheltered if used outdoors. It comes with 5 ea. crimp type connectors to fit the timer's input and relay terminals. Wire is NOT included. You will need to purchase wire to reach your SuperFeeder. Current draw with relay powered down is practically none at 90-124 micro amps, and with relay energized, it draws only about 49 MA. NOTE: THIS ELECTRONICS ITEM IS NOT RETURNABLE AFTER PROLONGED USE, UNLESS OF COURSE IT IS OBVIOUS THAT THE TIMER DOES NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY AND HAS NOT BEEN IMPROPERLY WIRED OR DAMAGED ELECTRICALLY OR OTHERWISE, IN WHICH CASE WARRANTY OF 90 DAYS FROM PURCHASE DATE WOULD APPLY. PLEASE CHECK THE SPECS AND MAKE SURE IT WILL WORK FOR YOUR APPLICATION IF USED FOR PURPOSE OTHER THAN OUR SUPER FEEDERS. IF IN DOUBT, CONTACT US AND WE WILL TRY AND HELP YOU OUT. Non-exchanged, functional timers returned for refund will be assessed a re-stocking fee of $20.00 Furthermore, refunds will not include original S&H.



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