DTH-07/timer housing with wiring screw terminals and lense cover

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This housing will make wiring and mounting much easier. It has a bar terminal with screws on the back plate which automatically snaps onto the timer's wire terminals when the back plate is pushed in against the main housing. The housing has punch-out plugs to route the wiring though. The front is fitted with a nice snap-on clear lens to protect and dress up your timer. Nice professional looks! Although it will fit the DT-01, DT-05, DT-06, DT-07, TS-10, TS-11, TS-12, and TS-13 timers, you will only be able to use these timers with single-pole-single-throw relay action (relay contacts normally open). In other words, when a relay contact closes, a circuit turns on like a flipping a light switch. If you need Single-Pole-Double-throw action with SPDT timer (DT-05,06,TS-10,11), you should purchase the DTH-07DT box.