Why use a Super Feeder?

Why use a Super Feeder?  First, it is not a disposable feeder if something ever happens to it. As anyone who has or has had one!  Made in USA for over 28 years, it is extremely high-quality, durable and safe. Most importantly, its dependable and simple operation will astonish you! Standard system uses 120 VAC with a supplied low voltage power supply for safe and dependable operation. A battery only system is also available for some applications if you must have one. Feeder's operating voltage range is 9 to 24 volt AC or DC supplied by included transformer.

  • The Super Feeder® is translucent smoke color and come with frosted clear hopper extensions for food level visibility. A 1.5 gallon hopper is also available to increase its capacity up to 1.8 gallons (28 cups).
  • Super Feeders are available in three models:  ASF-1 (aquarium), KSF-2 (koi pond) and CSF-3 (cat feeder)
  • The CSF-3 and CSF-3XL with dedicated accessories are our most popular models. Thousands sold to date!
  • Each feed cycle is adjustable to dispense from a very tiny portion to several cups per day. Super Feeders can feed up to 48 times per day or more depending on external timer used!
  • Exceptionally versatile! Its use is not limited by a typical built-in programmable timer!! Power and "trigger" it with any 120V timer via its supplied 12V power transformer. Use any remote control switch to manually feed your pets...Different types of home automation systems can be used including Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant.  You can even activate your feeder by phone with a Wi-Fi socket from your office or vacation spot!  You could even do away with its internal electronic components to run several feeders from your own timing device. Several Super Feeders® can be simultaneously triggered from one programmable device to feed multiple pets with different diets or to guard against one eating all the food from another!
  • Connect your aquarium Super Feeder® to your existing aquarium light timing device, and trigger it when your light comes on.  Can be operated the same way as any other Super Feeder.
  • Powerful gear drive coupled to unique food extraction system cannot and will never bind up on pellets or other foods!
  • Startling performance with flake food for aquarium model! Flakes will not clump up together due to the feeder's internal special motion design. Our innovative patented food distribution system, when installed as directed, is not affected by common moisture associated with most aquariums, and will also vastly reduce water pollution. No auger--No binding!  Not recommended for installation in completely enclosed space directly above water without ventilation.
  • Extremely sturdy Acrylic, ABS and polycarbonate housing parts, durable Polypropylene internal parts, stainless steel hardware and even weatherproof for outdoor applications (excluding basic aquarium model). And, all Super feeders® are fully serviceable with all parts made here in the USA and readily available. Just snap new parts in yourself, if ever needed. Many still serviced after decades of use!
  • Finally, you can mount your Super Feeder to just about anything you want to customize your own application and suit your pets' feeding needs.