Super-Feed manufactures the Super Feeder here in the USA except any supplied 3rd party power supply and timer.  Any external timer or Wi-Fi plug purchased on the side or in a combo is only offered so that you do not have to go purchase one locally on your own.  Practically any timer or home automation system/accessories used to remotely tun on a light or appliance could be used.  Feeder packages are available as "basic" without a timer.  Combos are best with everything included to operate the Super Feeder. 


We, at Super-Feed  Enterprise, warrant our Super Feeders to be free from defects in material and  workmanship for a period of 1 YEAR from the original date of purchase by  the original owner/purchaser. On claims submitted as outlined above, we will  repair, or at our discretion replace without charge any Super Feeder that has  failed through defect in material and/or workmanship (timers and power supplies not manufactured by us shall only be warranted for a period of 90 days from date of purchase).  Any other external timer can be used.  Warranty does not cover any Super Feeder® or  accessory if it is being or has been used for any purpose other than its obvious original intent, has been damaged, altered, installed and/or  operated contrary to instructions. We assume no other liabilities or  responsibilities other than listed herein.  Missing/damaged parts must be  reported within 14 days of purchase to qualify for replacements, adjustments or  refunds.


We, at Super-Feed Enterprise, are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate automatic feeder and the quality support necessary to assure your utmost satisfaction. For warranty repair, ship your product to us postage prepaid. You will be responsible for any damage incurred while in transit.  We'll pay for the return shipping back to you via 3-5 Day "Ground" shipping. If you desire any other mode of shipment, Express Mail as an example, you will be responsible for the difference in cost. Please include a brief statement regarding the problem along with your original purchase receipt, your name, address and phone number for contact. You may also submit your E-mail address for easy correspondence. For non-warranty items, you will be charged for repairs and shipping. You may obtain a quote from us before sending your product for repair. Payment for repairs must be via PayPal or Credit card.  Ship To: Super-Feed Enterprise, 2072 Logue Road, Mount Juliet, TN  37122  Tel: 615-470-5596


Important information about returns:  We will do everything possible to personally help you with any issues you may encounter. We may not authorize returns for a full refund of feeder price if any feeder and its accessories are not in their original new-in-the-box condition and show evidence of having been assembled, used or damaged.  If you do not wish to assemble the feeder and suspect that the feeder will not be suitable for your application when received, do not use it if you wish to return it for a full refund of the feeder price.  If you are not sure that your food will work, call us or send us a sample, and we will be more than happy to test it for you before you buy.  Most dry cat food kibbles will work great--see "Cat Feeder" note below about suitable kibbles.  Other than a possible unfortunate and rare malfunction, we know without a shadow of a doubt that our product works exactly as disclosed and proven by countless past customers. If your Super Feeder® has been purchased from a source other than directly from us, our return policy still applies.  We are the only ones who can offer technical service/advice and authorize a return.  If a return for partial or full refund is authorized, you will only be refunded not to include any shipping and handling and also subject to limitations listed herein. You MUST always contact us for a possible return authorization number (RMA) and state reason for return request and our inability to resolve your issues relating to the feeder.  For a full refund of product price, unless we could not solve your problem using the Super Feeder as recommended even though you used it, the product must be returned to us in its original packaging and new/unused condition (without damage or missing parts) within 30 days of purchase. If the feeder including accessories show "any" evidence of having been assembled/used or damaged, there will be a restock/disposal fee not to exceed 50% deducted from the product paid price prorated as deemed appropriate for condition of products as received.   Return request of any pre-assembled and ready to use feeder (RTU) will be assessed a $25 set-up fee from any possible refund. If returned to us without our prior permission (make note of RMA number on package), package acceptance may be rejected and returned to you or incur a 50% disposal fee from original items paid price.  NOTE:  Any shipping costs are non refundable.  Non-defective feeders/products mailed to you with free shipping and returned to us new in box condition will incur an automatic 10% to 20% re-stocking fee deducted from your refund depending on condition of products when received.  Used or not, we will of course repair/replace items under disclosed warranty terms as deemed necessary at no cost to you.  With prior authorization, return to: Super-Feed Enterprise, 2072 Logue Road, Mount Juliet, TN  37122 (write authorization number on corner of shipping box)   This notice rescinds any other preceding return policies whether posted in the feeder’s manual or other locations. Non-exchanged return of any unused dc or ac timer (low voltage dc/ac timer) will be assessed a re-stocking fee of $20.00 per timer if returned for refund request.

For assistance with return authorization, warranty and/or repair, e-mail info@super-feed.com  or call 615-470-5596 

Cat Feeder:  The Super Feeder® performance has been very well proven over many years of dependable service, and its performance has never been in doubt when operated as recommended. If portion accuracy is extremely important to you, we recommend round (spherical) or slightly barrel shaped ¼” diameter kibbles as offered by Science Diet® brand or other common brands. Properly adjusted, the Super Feeder will not “count” kibbles, but or tests have shown that an accuracy of +/- .1 to .2 ounce (weight) per portion can be achieved for every two cycles with recommended kibbles.  Most cat food kibbles will work very well by testing first if portion accuracy is not of most importance.  Flat and oddly shaped kibbles will never perform like recommended kibbles.  If you feel that you either cannot or would not be willing to switch to recommended kibble type if needed to achieve best portion accuracy, you should not assemble and use the feeder.  Performance is guaranteed as described with recommended kibbles.  Our feeders were never intended for large pets requiring large food.  Please thoroughly review each product’s description and limitations before ordering.  We cannot take responsibility for any possible unusual pet's negative reaction to the feeder and/or uncanny and destructive behavior of some pets or other animals, indoors or outdoors for which we have no control and which do not constitute a valid reason for return.  All feeders of this type emit some noise because of hard kibbles being extracted from the feeder and falling into a bowl.  If you must have a totally quiet feeder, you may consider not using/purchasing this feeder because you may not be able to return it if you have used it without a used feeder restock penalty. Like most feeders, if any possible noise is an issue, you should isolate it in a suitable place.


All Super Feeders have been thoroughly tested and found to be extremely dependable in assisting in the feeding and care of your pets with timely meals; however, as with any machine, the Super Feeder® should be monitored at regular intervals for proper operation. If you anticipate being away for an extended period of time where a lack of food could cause harm or even death to your pet (s), you MUST make arrangements with someone to inspect your feeder at regular intervals.

 Revised: 010/14/2020     Terms are subject to change without notice.  You may contact us first for any possible updates/changes made to policy. International customers, please review our online international policy for limitations.