Wi-Fi Pet Feeder info

Wi-Fi pet feeders for cat, fish and other small animals.  Other than normally operating the Super Feeder with an external programmable timer like a common lamp timer, it can also be remotely operated via Wi-Fi using your iPhone, or systems like amazon Echo and Google Assistant using a Smart Wi-Fi Plug.  We offer various combos to suit your needs.

  • Just plug the Super Feeder® power supply into a Smart Plug and connect to your Wi-Fi network. 120VAC Volt Compatible
  • Turn feeder on or off from anywhere with your tablet or smartphone (Compatible w/ Android 4.1 or higher & iOS8 or higher). 
  • Schedule the Smart Plug to automatically turn the Super Feeder on and feed your pets at desired times.
  • Give your pets snacks between main meals by turning the feeder on and off just long enough to dispense a few kibbles or fish food.

See the list of various Super Feeder package deals we offer under "CATEGORIES."