ACDC-IDR-SW-Side Prongs Indoor Power Supply with Jack Plug

Shining Fair Enterprises
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Power adapter with sideway prong style.  This small INDOOR type 100-240V 12VDC output switching power adapter will work with all Super Feeders. Purchase this power adapter if you want one with the jack plug cord attached. The 6' cord also comes with a chew resistant sleeve.  Although not guaranteed against all pets, if you have a small pet that likes to chew on things, this may be the solution. This adapter is perfect for timers with side outlet depending on outlet orientation to keep power adapter streamlined with side of timer and keep it and cord from facing outward of the timer.   For European use you may use a prong adapter to fit the USA type flat blades.  For additional protection, you may still want to add a wire guard protection sleeve like the one offered on this store.

90 day warranty