Bowl,-Double Partition Cat Bowl

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Because of past requests for a food splitting device, we have come up with this idea using this dish (not made by Super-Feed).  The Super Feeder with a rectangular outlet is perfect for this bowl.  Modify your existing Super Feeder stand and bowl to split food into two compartments by substituting your existing bowl using this double-partition bowl.  You will place the front inside edge of this bowl toward the forward edge of the stand base and against two existing retaining tabs used to retain other super feeder bowls.  Two supplied Velcro strips underneath the bottom of the bowl will hold it in place.  The microban technology helps to resist stains and bacteria, working to help keep your pet healthy and safe. With handy side-notches, it's easy to lift for refilling and cleaning. It's also dishwasher-safe, but the supplied Velcro sticks could come loose.  Color of bowl may vary between color shown or white and cannot be guaranteed.  Once again, note that although this bowl could perhaps be used for other super feeder installations, it is primarily intended for installation on the base of the dedicated super feeder indoor black stand.  Size of bowl is approximately 9 1/4"x6 1/4"x1.5" high and holds a total of about 2 cups of food by volume.