Bowl-Stainless Steel Pet Bowl for Super Feeder Stand (style may vary)

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Alternate 16 oz. stainless steel bowl (style may vary) to fit your Super Feeder stand base perfectly.  We are offering this bowl for customers who may later prefer a S.S. bowl.  PLEASE NOTE! This bowl will somewhat restrict access to the kibbles on the back side of the bowl, which could in many ways be very useful if you want to slowdow your pet from eating too fast because it will need to rake some kibbles from the back side of the bowl with its paws under the chute coverJust press the metal bowl's rubber ring (if installed) between the base's four plastic tabs  (NOTE:  YOUR BOWL MAY NOT HAVE AND NEED A RUBBER RING. JUST PLACE IT BETWEEN THE BASE'S PLASTIC TABS).   If your pet can still dislodge the bowl, you could use Velcro on the underside of bowl or order our special tape to stick the bowl's outer ring to the base. Pet access to the food on the back side of the bowl is not as easy as using the standard bowl spreading kibblest.