Bowl-Stainless Steel Pet Bowl for Super Feeder Stand

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Alternate 16 oz. stainless steel bowl to fit your Super Feeder stand base perfectly (8 1/4" x 1 5/8" H).  We do not manufacture this bowl, but when available to us we are once again offering this bowl for customers who may prefer a S.S. bowl over the one supplied with the stand.  If you order a feeder with the standard stand and bowl, and only if this bowl is available, you may request substituting this metal bowl for the standard one that comes with the stand in the "comments" section of your online order and order this metal bowl on the side.  We do not adjust order for substitution.  Picture of typical installation of bowl on Super Feeder stand:

feeder-with-metal-bowl-small.gif  Please keep in mind that although retained by tabs on the base, the bowl does not lock-in like the standard plastic one.  If issues are encountered with a pet knocking it out of place, you may use the supplied piece of Velcro underneath it.  Access to the food on the back side of the bowl is not as easy as using the standard bowl spreading kibbles to the front part.