Outdoor 12V Powerpack Kit with ACAT-32 Analog Timer

Super -Feed
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Want to convert your present indoor Super Feeder to outdoor use?  This outdoor power supply, analog (mechanical) timer and wire set is perfect for any outdoor type Super Feeder (some Super Feeder combos may come standard with this set). The analog (mechanical) timer can be mounted to a wall or something like that and can be exposed to rain and other weather conditions.  The timer can be easily programmed up to 24 on-off times per day, particular days or group of days of the week, meaning you could feed your pets up to 24 times each day.  The supplied power supply can be directly exposed to rain and completely waterproof.  Two feeder connector cords are included.  One short 6 foot cord with a jack plug at the end is for calibrating the feeder in your home before mounting outside and a long 30 foot one is also included to reach your feeder outdoors with metal connectors at the end to hook to your feeder's floor alternate input terminals. 

Power requirements:  Feeder input 9-24 Vac or DC, Timer input-output 120Vac 60Hz , outdoor power supply input 120Vac, output 14.7 Vac 1000mA

90 days on all power supplies and timers excluding damage by act of God or other. No warranty for cords unless received defective as new.