Outdoor Pet Feeder Kit,Deal CSF-3XL-12DC for 12V Battery

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Free shipping on all Super Feeders and tax free except to TN. This CSF-3XL Super Feeder® comes with 1.5 gallon hopper (about 5 lb. total food), 2 clear extensions to let you know when food is getting low, a 12VDC power supply (only needed for pre-calibration of feeder at home before mounting), outdoor DT-03 12 Volt DC weekly digital timer for up to 8 daily or group of days programming enclosed in an approved outdoor metal box (mounts to post or wall).  A metal mounting bracket and straps that will readily mount to a 2x4 or other are included along with 50 feet of outdoor wire.  12 Volt Battery not supplied.  The weekly digital timer will keep exact time and programs even when disconnected from its 12 volt battery source because of its internal battery back-up feature. This set-up is available for people who do not have a 120 volt power source available near their Super Feeder®. All you will need is any 12 volt battery--the larger the better for better capacity.  You may keep a trickle charger on your battery, or depending on size of your battery, you probably will not need to recharge it for a very long time because the intermittent battery draw is extremely small while feeding (125 mA) and near nothing like a wrist watch when not feeding. Of course, a solar battery system would be great but not required,  NOTEAll custom installations with wood enclosure, etc...shown are only examples from past customers and not supplied.  This package deal will require some mounting handyman works and very basic electrical wiring knowledge with supplied instructions.  Great combo if a battery set-up is necessary. This combo has been used to feed pigeons, ducks and chickens where regular 120V power is not available.

OVERALL SIZE: CSF-3XL Feeder overall size (space needed): 12 x 3 x 22 inches tall  (another 1.5 gallon hopper could be added at 39" tall)

Original CSF-3XL Super Feeder serviceable for years to come, made in USA and sold by Super-Feed for over 26 years! All parts readily available and easy to replace if ever needed.   Install it yourself many different ways indoors or outdoors using just about any 12V battery.

NOTE:  An indoor standard 120V/12VDC power supply is also included to test/pre-adjust portion controller of your Super Feeder before installation.

When mounting this feeder outdoors, make sure you protect the chute opening from animals like raccoons with a guttering system or enclosing the feeder appropriately. Chute cover important note: Even though the chute cover will protect the chute opening from the outdoor elements, it will not protect intrusion by large animals, particularly raccoons that could break it off.  The chute area should be adequately protected by an external device or the feeder installed in an enclosure of some type as shown throughout our websites with past customers' pictures.  

NOTE: Corn and wild bird seeds dispense perfectly.  For other pets, small 1/4" round (spherical) kibbles like offered by Science Diet or other brands are recommended for best portion accuracy, but most other kibbles will work fine up to 5/8" diameter with perhaps a slightly reduced portion accuracy.  Please be aware that the feeder will not “count’ kibbles, but tests have shown that an overall portion accuracy of +/- 0.1 to 0.2 ounce from one portion to another is possible with recommended kibbles.  but with so many shapes/sizes of kibbles on the market, it is impossible to predict exact results as far as exact accuracy is concerned. Although performance is guaranteed with recommended food as described, please be advised that due to variance of kibble sizes and shapes, 100% portion accuracy simply cannot be guaranteed for all feed cycles.  That would apply to any feeder other than one with pre-filled compartments.


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THIS COMBO!  DO NOT EVER hook-up 2 power supplies/transformers at one time when setting up this combo.  You may damage your feeder and/or other accessories and void your warranty.  The standard SMALL power adapter included with all feeders is only to initially run and adjust your feeder indoors before final mounting outdoors using only the external 12V battery used by itself.  ALSO, to program the supplied outdoor timer, only use the instructions supplied with the timer manufacturer to program the times you want to feed per day (on-off cycles). Only 2 minutes of on time per programmed feed cycle is recommended to trigger and power the feeder through its on feed cycle time.  The feeder will only run for the time pre-adjusted at the feeder itself. 


Shared with you by two of our past customers above and below for outdoor pets and protection against raccoons: Very nicely done protective enclosures for the CSF-3XL, 12VDC DT-03 Timer and a small 12V battery.  This set-up could also be used to feed ducks, swans, homing pigeons, wild birds, etc...




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1 year excluding timer for 90 days