RL-02/6-12 vdc relay SPDT/small at 1"x5/8"/3/4"

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This small relay (1"x5/8"x3/4") will switch up to 15 AMPS of current and will work with a voltage of 6 to 12 vdc at 405 ohms. It can be used with any of our dc timers or with our PCB1 solid state timer and will allow switching higher current loads that the PCB cannot handle. Use either PCB1, 2 or 3 to energize the relay from a split second up to about 70 seconds. This relay is a single-pole-double-throw type, meaning that when not energized, a set of contacts are closed (making contact), and the others open (not making contact). When energized the reverse action occurs. Route the positive (or negative) lead from a power source through the contact terminals underneath the relay. Soldering or wrapping wire to the pin terminals will be required or it can be mounted to a printed circuit board. It can be held down to a flat surface with double-stick tape.

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