Stand and Bowl--blemished--for Super Feeder

Super Feed
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This indoor heavy-duty black ABS mount has been specifically designed for the CSF-3 Cat/Small animal Super Feeder. It is new, but may have a blemish or scratch here and there at an additional 40% off regular one. It comes with a short vertical tower to fit the feeder's special metal bracket, a 10" x 11" platform with 4 rubber feet, and a dedicated special bowl that locks in place especially designed to spread kibbles to the outer edge for better food access to pets and away from the feeder's chute cover.. If you would like to purchase a complete feeder set-up with this mount, check out the Super Feeder Combo special deals or order this stand and bowl along with a blemished feeder for a cheaper package deal. Place it against a cabinet or wall in your kitchen, or whatever. This stand is for indoor use. It is NOT recommended for outdoor use due to possible wild animals.

1 year