ACDC-IDR Super Feeder Indoor Switching Power Supply

Shining Fair Enterprises
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This small INDOOR type 100-240V 12VDC power adapter will work with all Super Feeders. Purchase this power adapter if you want one with the jack plug cord attached. It features a 6' cord with a chew resistant sleeve.  Although not guaranteed against all pets, if you have a small pet that likes to chew on things, this may be the solution but still not guaranteed against chew-through. For additional protection, you may still want to add a wire guard protection sleeve like the one offered on this store.  For European use you may use a prong adapter to fit the USA type flat blades.  

This power adapter must be enclosed in suitable/approved weather-proof box if used outside along with ground fault outlet. It must not be used with an outdoor timer exposed to the elements. If using an outdoor timer, the ACAC-ODR outdoor power adapter must be used, unless the outdoor timer is used indoors.  We also have an indoor type power adapter (ACAC-12KOI) with detachable cord if you would like to use your own wire to power the feeder for a long distance from your external timer.

90 day warranty