ACAC-12KOI Power Supply Screw Type Output with 6'Jack-plug Cord

Shining Fair Enterprises
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Replacement 120V to 12VAC plug-in power supply (not for 220V). Each Super Feeder package comes with a power supply. Some power supplies may vary in style, but all the ones we stock will work with any Super Feeder. This power supply is normally for indoor use but could be used outdoors with proper enclosure/protection and ground fault outlet. You could use this indoor power supply with a timer by using whatever length wire you need to reach your outdoor Super feeder. If needing an outdoor power supply that will be exposed to weather/rain, you should purchase our ACAC-ODR 12V outdoor power supply. If ordering that outdoor power supply on the side, you will need to use your own wire or ours.  The power supply comes with two crimp connectors to install on the wire and fit the power supply's output blades.  With our outdoor power supply, you should use our tested and approved ACDT-35 oudoor timer or ACAT-32 analog (mechanical) timer. Some other electronic digital  timer may or may not work properly with our outdoor power supply.  Any brand analog timer will work fine.   If you have a pet that chews on things, you may consider purchasing our 6' "wire flex guard" to help protect the power supply wire.  Other protective measures could be required against some wild animals like PVC conduit or other means.

90 days warranty