ACDT-35 120V Outdoor Digital Timer

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This timer is the preferred, tested and dedicated outdoor timer guaranteed to work with the Super Feeder outdoor power supply. Some other brand outdoor digital timers may not work properly with our outdoor power adapter/transformer. This Heavy duty 7-Day digital outdoor programmable timer has many feature---120V/15 Amps output with 2 grounded outlets. If used outdoors with a Super Feeder along with our outdoor type 12 volt power adapter (ACAC-ODR in accessories), it will supply up to 20 daily feed cycles per day, selected individual days or groups of days of the week. It is also perfect for landscape lighting, holiday lights, engine block heaters, and pool/spa pumps. It has battery back-up (internal rechargeable battery) and will not lose programs and time during power outages. An indoor power adapter, which may be supplied with a super feeder, must not be used with an outdoor timer with possible exposure to the elements.

90-day warranty (not manufactured by Super Feed). Note: Any other timer can be used to operate the Super Feeder.