ACAC-ODR 12VAC Outdoor Powerpack

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This latest model replacement outdoor approved power supply is perfect to use with your Super feeder along with just about any outdoor type timer. Its size is about 3" x 2" x 2" It can be mounted to a wall or post using its built-in ears or just left as is. Most of all, it is totally weatherproof. It features a sealed output screw type connector that must be used with any of our two special cords (see our powerpack kit). It has enough power to trigger multiple feeders at one time. Use it with our approved and tested ACDT-35 outdoor digital timer, the ACAT-32 analog (mechanical) outdoor timer, or any other outdoor timer you may already have on hand. Please be aware that not all third-party outdoor digital timers may be compatible with this transformer, but any analog-mechanical one will work fine). Some "combos" may include this outdoor power supply.

90 days on all power supplies excluding damage by act of God or other.